How to Help Your Peers

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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How To Help Your Peers

I am very eager to make it myself but at the same time bring all my peers up along with me. In order to make it big, you’ll often need assistance from others. I think the first step to help anyone is to support him or her. People need to hear that they have people backing them and standing by their side. I think the biggest deterrent of tackling anything is fearing that no one else thinks you can do it. If no one else thinks you can do it, you’ll often start questioning yourself and doubting your abilities. People need to hear that they can do it, it’s a mental thing. The mind is a very powerful thing. I could also offer my assistance to help someone by praying for them. By praying for them I would be putting the task in Gods hands and taking them out of man’s hands. I don’t think its enough to make it myself. Once I establish myself, I wont feel any sort of fulfillment unless other important people in my life make it or at least enjoy it with me. When I do make it, I plan to let the rope back down. A lot of people just want it for themselves. Once they make it to the top they would pull the rope up. These people want to feel invincible and on a peddle stool. They feel if anyone else makes it that they would be a threat to them. They also want people to idolize. Life is to short to enjoy it on your own. Also I can help people by giving them the recipe to succeed. Some people don’t understand the ropes. Some people weren’t even given an opportunity. I want to be able to open doors for others.
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