How to Get Good Grades Without Studying Satire

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December 12, 2012

Process Analysis
A good student pays attention in class, does his homework, and studies every night for the upcoming test to achieve that perfect 100% score. However, what makes a student great is the ability to achieve the same results, without having to do that ridiculous amount of absolutely unnecessary work. Learning to adapt to ones surroundings in order to achieve that A+ without having to do a single bit of work is a prime example of a student whom is going places in the world. Although it may seem impossible to some, this incredible feat can be achieved if you follow three simple rules. If you want to be that A+ student, you must go to sleep early, love every teacher of every class, and ultimately, must have some “study buddies.” The first step to achieving those high grades that every student would die for is to go to sleep early! That’s right, you know that student that stays up past 4 A.M. every night to finish their history homework only to obtain a wretchedly heartbreaking “Dislike” stamp on their paper? Well that amount of effort is absolutely not needed whatsoever. When there is an English exam the next day, the good student will stay up until the early hours of dawn studying, while the great student will sleep comfortably in their bed by 9 P.M. with the only productive things done that night being gaining a level in “Call of Duty” and learning that a dime has exactly 118 ridges around the edge. How fascinating! Going to sleep early is the first, and probably the most important step you must follow in order to achieve those high grades. Once you get this step down, the next step on the list is to love the teacher. When I say love the teacher, I mean exactly that, LOVE the teacher. Do everything in your power to make that teacher understand how much you love that class (and the teacher). Sit in the front of the class, raise your hand for every question (even if you don’t know it), and be that teacher’s pet that...
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