How to End a Relationship

Topics: Relationship breakup, Human bonding, Love Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Breaking up with someone is never easy to do, but sometimes it must be done. People have many reasons with why they would want to break up with their partner. But before making the decision to end a relationship. You should take in all the counts as to the reasons your ending it. Reasons why people end a relationship is because of a lack of chemistry, too much fighting or both partners feel like they are not a priority to each other. Whatever the reason may be, if someone does not feel comfortable in the relationship they are in and have tried everything they can to save it. It is best to get out of the relationship and start new. But that's not always the case. There's much more to a break up that meets the eye. Breaking up with someone can have many challenges. That's why there are some simple step on how to end a relationship and stay apart for good.

First of all, you should have good motives in ending the relationship. Take time to yourself and start thinking if it's the right thing to do. During this process it becomes time to truly know if it is the right thing to do by ending the relationship. When making the decision, make sure you do it when your calm and rational so you can be open minded. It's never good to make any decision like this while your upset, anger or even hurt. Give yourself some time to cool down, and relax before making the decision. It's always good to discuss problems openly and directly with your partner before making up your mind. Lack of communication is why many couple break up so it good to talk every out with your partner so the problems that occur can be solved. Remember; if you can save your relationship, do it. Ending and relationship should always be the last resort. Once you've made your decision to end your relationship. It becomes time to choose your setting.

Place and time is crucial to ending the relationship. Make sure you choose a time and place that will allow for the both of you to be in private so you can break...
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