"How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace” by Keith Ferrazzi

Topics: Culture, Management, Cultural diversity Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: March 1, 2013
After I read the article “How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace” by Keith Ferrazzi, I noticed three challenges that are not mentioned. I think one of the big challenges of virtual workplace that are not mentioned on article is culture as individuality and as an organization. Deal and Kennedy's (1982) said that Strong cultures can be one of the reasons for a successful organization. There are four important points for that strong culture: values (beliefs and visions), heroes (are people that exemplify an organization’s values) rites and rituals (are the ceremonies to celebrate its values) , and the last, cultural network (newsletters and informal interactions of employees). In the virtual workplace there is not physical contact; this is what makes interactions difficult between employees and employers. Also, this kind of work, people could be from anywhere, of course the team might have a lot different cultures. That culture diversity might create some issues in coordination and even on team work , because people can't understand or accept those cultural differences. One of the examples is time, to somebody in Brazil it is ok be late fifteen minutes but in American that is not acceptable. Other example could be the difference culture between Asian employee and American employee. In China, for example, a women has lower power or credibility that a men. Other challenge is manager the team. Virtual workers has a lot freedom and they can work anywhere they are subject a lot distractions. The fact do not have somebody supervision leads to workers relax do not do the job. Also the support to the employees will be more poor compared with a regular work. Have people on team from any part of the world, there are some issues that can happen as time, dates, religion days. The time zone is on aspects that can create problems when schedule meetings, deadlines. For example, to Norfolk to California there is 3 hours difference. If the manager just care about the...
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