How to Brush Your Teeth

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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There are so many things to learn as a kid. You learn to go pee on the potty, ride your bike and brush your teeth. You are taught to brush your teeth at a very young age. It seems like a rather simple task, yet there are so many variables.

There are many types of toothbrushes out there. There is the standard toothbrushes that are approved by the American dental association. Some of the most popular brands approved are Philips, Crest, Sensonic, Braun, Sonicare, Colgate, Oral-B, and Reach. There is really no one brush that is better than the other. A soft and extra soft tooth brush is best because the bristles will bend and flex around the teeth and gums to better remove plaque. The "standard" soft bristle is 0.007" in diameter. This is the diameter that will slip under the edge of healthy gums without doing any harm. They will also get into the grooves and crevices between your teeth deeper than the thicker (hard) brushes. If you use it, the soft bristles clean better and do less harm. Hard brushes are not recommended because if you press to hard you can actually brush your enamel and tooth away. They can also make your gums bleed which is an unhealthy sign. While brushing make sure that you feel the toothbrush right at the gum line when you brush because that is where most plaque collects. It probably should have been called a tooth and gum brush rather than just a toothbrush.. A brush that is quickly becoming the new fad and that most dentists now prefer is the electric toothbrushes. The electric toothbrushes remove up to 50% more plaque than a manual brush, and give a "just polished" feel.

So now you have your tooth brush. Well now you need something to put on it. That would be toothpaste. You would think you could just glob some on, but no. All you need to do is just put a dab of toothpaste on your brush. Toothpaste works by cleansing your teeth and gum and giving you fresh minty breath. There are many brands of toothpaste out there that do...
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