How the West Was Won

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Both stories are alike because the two characters are at war. The stories “Cranes” and “The Sniper” both are similar to each other. Then the main characters changed there ways by not killing people. They are both alike by having to kill people that are precious to them. In both stories find out war is very tragic because you can kill people that are close without knowing.

Normally, soldiers fight against strangers. But In both stories these main character fought against one of their family members or one of their friends. ”Cranes” and “The Sniper” are alike because in both interactions the main characters are forced to fight or kill there family members and also friends. The story’s are also alike because in each story the government is after one of the characters. Tokchae in the story “Cranes”, he killed people. Then in the story “The Sniper” the narrator killed many people including his own blood brother.

The main characters in the story Sniper are the narrator and his brother, the spy, and the men driving the armored car. The conflict in the story was the narrator getting shot at. Then the conflict was resolved by the narrator finding a way how to kill his enemy. The narrator changed as soon as he seen the face of his beloved brother dead. The theme of the story is when people are in war, they are taught to kill each other without hesitation.

The main characters in the Crane are Songsam and also Tokchae, which used to be his child hood playmate. The conflict in the story was when Songsam was forced to shoot his friend. The conflict was resolved when Songsam let Tokchae go like when they both let a Crane go, when they were younger. Songsam changed when he let Tokchae go so he can change his loyalty. Theme is that people’s friendship can overcome war.

The topic of both story’s are about war. In the story “The Sniper” the narrator is forced to kill his own brother without knowing. In the story the Crane the main character Songsam was...
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