How the New England Colonies Were Characterized

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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1. The New England colonies were characterized by greater social stability than both the southern and middle colonies. They were different mainly because of their geography. Unlike the New England colonies, the southern and middle colonies were far apart and had created their own individualistic societies when they settled, because they were so spread out. The New England colonies were very close together due to their mountainous geography so it was easy for them to maintain contact and have an organized government. Due to the location of the Englishmen’s settlement, the geography affected their way of life. The people that had settled in the southern colonies were not there permanently, they planed to go back home after they found what they were looking for, which was gold. Once they found the gold they were originally going to go back to Europe, but they set themselves up for a major upset. After the Englishmen arrived to America, they found no gold so they could not go back to England empty handed, after all they came to America for a specific reason. Once they realized that there was no gold, they needed a way to support themselves and survive by making a living. To get themselves going and to start making money, they needed to start farming. Since the land was so spread out in the south and there was an abundance of it, they farmed enormous plantations where they farmed their main crop, tobacco followed by rice, cotton, and sugar. Since the Englishmen came to the Americas thinking life would be easy, they had to do the opposite of be lazy and needed to farm. Once they figured this out, they thought that they didn’t have to work and that they could force someone else to do it for them, and their first choice were the Native Americans. This plan failed because the Natives were not prone to European diseases, therefore would die off if they were exposed. Also, since they knew that land very well they could just escape. Since the Native Americans didn’t...
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