How the Fast Food Affects Our Lives

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Food Pages: 5 (1811 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Nhung Mai
Professor Orozco
English 301 B
10 December 2011
How the Fast Food Affects Our Lives
Many American children like eating fast food even though it is unhealthy because it is tasty and fast services. They do not have to wait for foods when they are hungry. They can receive foods within 10 or 15 minutes. Fast foods actually are very convenient for everybody when they do not have time to cook and have to have foods for children. However, there are the many serious effects of fast food to children. The children have to face high risks to their health when fast food contributes to children’s obesity. Obesity is a big problem to children’s health because children can develop many serious diseases. There are “more than 30 medical diseases [related to obesity] including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancers [which] account for almost 60 percent of deaths annually” (Engler 172). Children have to suffer many variety illnesses and die when they are too young. If children do not stop eating fast food, an unhealthy food, they can put themselves in the high risk of illnesses and death. Nevertheless, it is difficult to reduce the amount of American children being overweight when fast food restaurants concentrate to do marketing in order to target on children. Therefore, American children consume too much fast food because of the various parental and marketing factors that make American children consume unhealthy food. Parental factor is a main point to affects the consumption of fast food in children. Nowadays, both parents are working so hard that they can handle the living costs as foods, houses, clothing and many other expenses. They do not have much time to go to the supermarket, buy food and cook healthy meals for their children. Thus, fast food is the best choice to save time and fill their children’s stomach up. Hence, the price of fast food meal is so cheap. For instance, MacDonald's has their $4 value menu, which is a just small portion of their food, fries, hamburgers and a small soda. American parents, who are mostly in bad financial position, would choose to purchase fast foods. That is the reason why many children are forced to eat at un-healthy fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell because they cannot afford a healthier alternative. Even parents also want to buy and eat by themselves if they do not have time enough to have lunch at restaurant. In “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko states, “My parents were split up, my dad off trying to rebuild his life, my mom working long hours to make the monthly bills. Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut”(153). Because his parents were divorced and his mom had to spend more time at her job, she did not have enough time to cook healthy meals for him. He was forced to consume fast food every day. These circumstances affect many American children, which make them eat fast food and be obesity. American children can get sickness with cholesterol problems if they consume fast foods daily. John Banzhaf III concludes, “In 2001 the US Surgeon General issued a report showing that the United States was suffering from an epidemic of obesity which annually killed about 300,000 Americans and cost us over 200 billion a year”(162). There are more children being overweight and sick in American society when the number of children’s obesity increases every year. If children continuing eating fast food, the number of children’s death or children’s obesity will not being reduced and going up in the future. It is seriously a dangerous problem for the amount of new generations in the US. On the other hand, children are not too young to understand what healthy food or unhealthy food can be helpful or harmful to their health. They do not have conception enough to know the side effects of fast foods and how it could cause many serious diseases to their bodies....
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