How the Environment Affects Learning

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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How the Environment Affects Learning

Rick Lyman

David C. Nelson, PhD

Adult Learning Theory– EDU 500


How the Environment Affects Learning
This paper will discuss how our environment affects learning. I will discuss how important the environment is in the early years of one’s life in early childhood development. I will also discuss how one’s interest in learning plays a vital role in learning. I will also discuss how active learning and development plays an integral role in those years between teenager and adult, as well as what influences that has on being successful in life. I will also examine the two learning environments, home and school, and how each are changing, as well as how these two environments will play significant roles as each student discovers what’s real and what’s not real and how each help the learning process. Lastly, I will consider how the learning environment is continuing to change and how the digital age will change the way we , as well as the effect it will have on our future students and how it will affect the path they choose to follow to achieve their hopes and dreams.

In the early years of development the environment plays a huge role in how children learn and how they development, more than any other time in their life. In environments where children are not only taught that it’s OK to learn, but to also to enjoy the process leads to an active learning environment where children are allowed the opportunity to be involved in the act of learning. This active state allows the child an opportunity to grow, which leads to learning not only the subjects they enjoy, but the subjects they may not. Just as important as teaching one to be involved in the process, it is also important to keep outside influences from preventing the learner from reaching their goals. According to a study of the graduating class of 2001 conducted by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think...
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