How the Animal Farm Is Parrallel to the Russian Revolution

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Topic: how are the similarities’ to the Russian revolution evident in the novel Animal farm? Response: The book the animal farm by George Orwell has many similarities to the Russian revolution, portrayed through the plot and characters. Many of the characters and events of Orwell's novel are parallel to those of the Russian Revolution. Such as the revolutionary thinkers in Old Major and Karl Marx, the leaders who want the best for their people such as Snowball and Leon Trotsky, and the leaders who have a greed for luxuries and power such as Napoleon and Stalin. Subsequently Manor Farm is a model of Russia during the Russian revolution, and old Major, Snowball, and Napoleon represent the main figures of the Russian Revolution. The character, Old Major is the animal version of Karl Marx, the inventor of communism, similarly Old major created Animalism which celebrated equality between all animals. This corresponds with Marx's idea of ending class distinction, creating equality. The concept of animalism is largely based on communism as it attempts to make all the animals equal. With communism, the main aim of the system is to ensure all workers will be equal. During the story of manor farm, Old major doesn’t live long enough to see his animalism theory put into action, this was the same as Karl Marx, Karl died before the Russian revolution and didn’t see what happened when his ideas were implemented. Consequently the stories of Karl Marx and Old major coincide. Leon Trotsky emerged as a leader of the Russian revolution and like his counterpart in the novel Snowball; he felt that a number of uprisings were needed to reach the aims of the rebellion. Trotsky was also the leader of Lenin's Red Army, as Snowball leads the army of animals that repel Mr Jones. Both Snowball and Trotsky were great thinkers, Snowball planned to build a windmill in his efforts to achieve the ideals of animalism. The construction of the windmill sparks a fight between napoleon (Orwell’s...
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