How Successful Was the Conservative Party Between 1918 and 1929

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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How successful was the conservative party from 1918- 1928?
As a party the Conservatives can be seen to have achieved considerable success between the years 1918-28. Before the war the party had lost 3 consecutive elections, whereas during the period 1918-28 they were in power for all but 10 months of those 10 years (First Labour Government January- October 1924). It can then be seen through their domination of power that they were very successful. However during the first 4 of those years, whilst in power, they shared it with the Liberal Party, as their chances of winning as an individual party were near non-existent and so this limits the extent of their success. Their failings can also be seen through Stanley Baldwin, whose misjudged decision to hold a general election led the party to disaster in 1924 and lost them their position in government. I will argue that the Conservatives were very successful during those years, and that whilst such success was lessened by these two factors, the period 1918-28 was a largely prosperous time for the party. Doubtful of their abilities to win the pre was election as a single party the conservatives decided to continue with the war time coalition with the Liberals. This thwarts their success as a party as the aim is to achieve power as a single group rather than one which is merged with another. However through their alliance with Lloyd George they were able to win support from Liberal and non-committed voters. By attacking the Liberal Party they were able to persuade Liberal voters and politicians to turn to Conservatism. This strengthened the party and ensured their later success. The Conservatives strength was clearly demonstrated in the general election held directly after the war in 1918. They held 382 of 523 coalition MP’s elected and so held a clear majority. They can be seen as very successful in the achievement of completely dwarfing the other two parties whose votes accounted to a mere 28 Liberals and 63 Labour...
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