How Society Views Mental Health Changed over Time

Topics: Classical conditioning, Behaviorism, Psychology Pages: 9 (3383 words) Published: November 14, 2012
School of Health and Social Care
Psychology of Health and Illness unit

Observational record template

What happened
Initial thoughts
Whilst at work I saw the nurse take bloods from a patient which was a monthly routine for the patient it has always gone ok and the patient has been fine with having her bloods taken before. The nurse told the patient it wouldn’t hurt at all. Something happened whereby the nurse couldn’t get the blood and had to re-attempt the procedure. The patient also experienced some pain during this procedure which she wasn’t expecting, the patient found this a quite traumatic experience The patient was elderly and appeared confused. The patient became anxious and next time a blood test was due became increasingly worried and reluctant to have the procedure. She appeared frightened of the needle What happened My initial thought was why did the procedure not go to plan and why did the patient react in the way she did. The previous procedure was fine and she knew what it involved she had her arm out ready for her bloods to be taken, she thought it wouldn’t hurt because it has always gone ok for her with minimal distress and pain so she wouldn’t be expecting that experience. Now the behaviour has changed and gets distressed when she sees the nurse with the needle. Another thought would be is she afraid of the nurse or the needle. Does the patient feel under pressure now to have her bloods taken.

Initial thoughts

One of my family members called may has lost both of her sons in the same year a few years ago they were both identical twins. This caused her to feel very low and had become depressed whilst grieving for her sons. Her husband has recently become disabled and is unable to cope alone at home. It is coming up to the twins birthday and she is feeling low she said to myself that she doesn’t think she can be happy and she always has bad luck. The other day she forgot she was cooking and burnt her food and also has forgot she is suppose to be at work . She has lost a lot of weight since she has been at home more helping her husband. She has been a light smoker most of her life but is not smoking a lot more. May is not the lady’s real name it is used for confidentiality reasons.

My first thoughts is that the patient could be stressed after the life events that have occurred There are the daily pressures of work and general life with her still grieving for her sons, then on top her husband is recently disabled. The build up can be the stressor she could suffer with burnout if she is stressed for too long which could also lead back to depression. She is blaming external forces her saying that she always has had bad luck. Her feelings and thoughts in the mind is with her forgetting things, is this because she has other things on her mind due to pressure and replacing her long term memory with new memories. Not many of her needs have been met to achieve a sense of wellbeing. Another thought is how would she cope with the situation in hand which way would she go, good or bad meaning action response or palliative coping. If the patient is controlled by others or feels disempowered then they could become increasingly helpless whereby they completely rely on others and depend on them to make decisions for them this could also Increase stress.

This essay will provide a definition of the term psychology and look at a brief history of how psychology originated. It will discuss psychological theorists and look at how their studies influenced how we view psychological concepts today. The essay will relate how psychological studies and theories can inform nursing care. It will outline a selection of psychological approaches such as the biological, humanistic and psychodynamic. It will discuss in further detail and focus upon the behaviourist and cognitive approaches. It will then go on to explore how the observations A and B can be explained within psychological theory. Observation A...
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