How significant was the Spanish Conquest of Mexico Speech

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  • Published : October 11, 2013
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The Spanish conquest of Mexico started in February 14th in 1519 when Cortes arrived at Tenochtitlan in Mexico. The battle was between the Aztecs and Spanish. It started when Cortés and Montezuma were on the causeway giving gifts to each other. And because Montezuma was a naive leader, Cortes bribed him. Later the Spanish conquistadors and allies attacked every other Aztec city by a siege. Cortes and the Spanish conquistadors wanted to gain Montezuma’s trust so that they could get the land, power, wealth, spread the religion/beliefs and the language. They also wanted a hierarchy. The Spanish conquest of Mexico was very significant. Our reason for thinking this because when the Spanish took over Mexico, a lot had changed such as the language, religion and the way the Aztecs lived, and also the hierarchy and weaponry. The language they had to speak was Spanish from Nahuatl (original language). The Aztecs had to start speaking Spanish to communicate with the Spanish who are their leaders since they are slaves. They also had to convert to from idol worship (polytheists) to Christianity which is monotheists. Once they had converted they had to stop all their rituals (human sacrifices) which the Spanish thought was barbaric. Also all the Aztec temples were destroyed so that the Aztecs had no chance of worshiping. The Aztecs also had to change their life style, they all became slaves and worked for the Spanish. They became poor with little food. They also lost all their land and all their wealth to the Spanish. Another thing that changed was that the Aztecs wouldn’t have progressed and developed their weaponry and war methods, for example spears to swords and cavalry and better war methods. Something else that changed was the population, because of small pox, Mexico’s population decreased by 10%. Which led to the Spanish and having less slaves, so Spanish took some slaves from other countries like Africa. This was beneficial for them because they had people to work for...
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