How Should Be a Leader?(According to Machiavelli)

Topics: Political philosophy, Leadership, Love Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 21, 2007
There are a lot
of intellectuals who have books and different thoughts about government and authority. One of them is Machiavelli who is reputed with his book ‘the Prince'. This book includes some advice to leaders. Machiavelli claims in ‘Prince' (chapter XVI, XVII, XVIII) that a prince should be miser than liberal, should prefer being feared rather than being loved, and should not be faithful. In my opinion, a leader shuld not be miser and should prefer being loved than feared and should be faithful; in contrast, a leader should be liberal,faithful, trustworthy and should prefer to be loved rather than to be feared. I think that if a leader is miser,faithless and if he spreads terror, this person can not be a leader of a country or community a long time. This leadership will continue until a rebellision, because the subjects do not like this kind of authority and want to freedom. Therefore, I do not agree with Machiavelli. In chapter XVI Machiavelli claims that a prince should be miser than generous .In my opinion, every community want to have a generous leader. If a leader is miser, then every subject has the same thought.'Our leader spends all income and sources for himself.'This thought can be the reason of losing autority. In chapter XVII he underlines that to be feared than loved is safer, because if people fear you, then its up to you to control their fear by punishment. I disagree with him. I believe that fear is not a solution to have control. If a ledare want to be successful, he should gain the love of his subjects. This love create trust and leadership for a long time. However , if subjects have only the feeling ‘fear' towards their leader, they want to then freedom and then they attempt to find a new leader who is not so awful.

In chapter XVIII he says a leader should not keep faith. He also adds a prince should seem humane, religious and upright. The appearance is more important than...
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