How Relationships Are Presented in "A Hero"

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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ESSAY `A hero´

-How successfully does the writer present the close family relationships with: his father, his granny, his mother and the relations between father and mother and comment the use of words, phrases and techniques.

The story of “A hero” focuses on the character Swami – a ten year old loving cricket boy and his relationship with his family, especially with his overbearing (dominating) father. The centre of the story concerns a family and their relationships with each other. The first relationship we have is Swami and his father, this one we can see almost all the way long the story. Swami´s father has sympathetic features that show that he does care about Swami even though he doesn’t always show the reader. He tries to teach Swami to be less timid and more self-reliant. “Let me see if you can sleep tonight in my office room” here his father in testing him, like giving him a trial to see if he has enough courage as he thinks to have. He also speaks to him affectionately “ there are no scorpions, little fellow” the words little fellow show that he loves him, with this a mean that this vocabulary is not often used towards any person it is used to address a person that you care about, so by using this vocabulary we can see that he does what him to be safe. He even lets Swami to leave the door open, because he knows that this way he feels better and not so scared, so he is testing him but only to a point. At the beginning of the story his father shows interest in his son, we can see this because he stops reading the paper to talk to him, also remembers what he has told Swami to do although Swami his tried to get it out of his mind and also at the end asks to his wife about Swami, to see if he is all right.

However Swamis father also shows some unsympathetic features towards his son. For example he is bossy and frightening “ Swami, get up!” this shows that he is strict on Swami he wants him to pay attention to what he says and them do it...
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