How My New South African Heritage Influences My Individuality

Topics: South Africa, British Empire, Racial segregation Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: January 30, 2011
My heritage can be traced back to the British Colonial rules of South Africa, when Gold was discovered in the Johannesburg area in 1948, my ancestors came to South Africa wanting a better living, they worked in the mines as contracted workers, eventually with a having a steady payment monthly, they started a small business. There were many like my family, they came from China to South Africa , working in the gold mines. I recognized a birth certificate of a Chinese man in the Apartheid museum, with the certificate, there was a group photo of many Asian workers. Maybe the Chinese did not play a big role in the fight against Apartheid, but I strongly believe that they must have resisted the idea of Apartheid and uphold their rights. This heritage made me strong, it have given me a strong belief in equality and justice.

In the new South Africa today, the fight against racial segregation is won, but the price was too great. Families were separated and many political liberators were sacrificed, like Vuyisile Mini, he was a great singer and fighting as a member of the MK and ANC, he was executed at an age of 44. Even though there was pain and suffering to the whole nation but the belief of 'In every song there was pain, for every tune there was hope and joy' kept the singers going in the fight against racial oppression. Their freedom songs were composed and sung in groups, these freedom songs had a simple melody so it was easy to spread the ideas of the fight against racial oppression.

In the vast fields of the KZN, it tells the stories of the war between the Boers, the Zulus and the English. In all the battles, the battle of Isandhlawana, when the Zulus won against the 15000 British army, fighting for their own freedom and against colonial rules. Only 75 of the 15000 army survived, this was believed to be the biggest defeat for the British Empire ever in history. The strong belief in freedom and equality, that shapes South African, no matter if it is the...
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