How Men Are Portrayed in Music Essay

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How Men are Portrayed in Music Essay

The art of music is one of mankind’s greatest contributions to society. With the start of the twenty-first century music has become a very controversial subject. With swear words and harsh portrayals being the fad for many hipsters and rap artists human dignity has become a low priority. Both men and women are made out to be objects, trash, and indecent. With girl bands and female pop musicians on the raise stereotypes come into play. The main way that men are perceived is as ‘Boy Toys,’ ‘Cheaters,’ and ‘Fairytales‘. All of these portrayals will be discussed and analyzed to learn why men are made out to be the way they are, what makes these songs so catchy, and how men feel being portrayed the way they are.

“Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick, don’t think to much just thrust that stick I wanna take a ride on you disco stick,” (Love Game, Lady Gaga.) Is the lyric coming from the back of a young girls convertible, driving down Hollywood Boulevard. Does she stop and question if this song is appropriate or sanitary for her little sister? The answer is no because everywhere the fresh beat from the controversial Lady Gaga is playing. The cult favorite quickly lit up airways all over the globe and why? Because of the strong beat and catchy chorus, no one has stopped to analyze the effect it could have on the male population. This particular song depicts an image of a women being very forward and promiscuous towards an unsuspecting male. This is the first of many examples of songs viewing men as nothing more then a one night stand. Society does not want to look at gentlemen in this light because it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing for men to be sought out to be damsels in distress. Like women, there are also men that sell their bodies for money. Unlike women, they are less up front about in. In Las Vegas there are no little business cards handed out with scantily...
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