How Medication Effects the Kidney and Liver

Topics: Paracetamol, Liver, Kidney Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: May 12, 2011
The kidney and the liver are two of the four major routes a drug takes when trying to leave the body. If someone has kidney or liver disease, how a person’s body handles that drug is greatly affected. Drinks, food and or lifestyle habits that put added stress and cause damage to your kidneys or liver, foe example alcohol abuse or chronic exposure to toxins such as paint fumes, can affect how well you process drugs. Kidney and or liver stress/damage usually raises drug levels a lot higher than normal by slowing down the excretion process. The aminoglycoside antibiotics such as Streptomycin, Kanamycin, Gentamicin and Garamicin can cause kidney damage in 15 percent of patients treated with them, but thousands of drugs cause less than obvious stress on your kidneys. When your drug information says Renal (kidney) problems, you should always be aware that drug is most likely going to be hard on your kidneys. Check with your pharmacist before mixing any drugs, prescription and or over-the-counter drugs. Drug Labels that warn of things like hepatic (liver) toxicity, injury, and dysfunction which is medical use for liver poison, should flash a red light in your head. (http:/ Your liver is the busiest organs in the body working non-stop to process food to transport through the bloodstream and to metabolize waste matter for excretion through urine and or feces. (http:/ The list of prescription drugs that can stress or damage the liver is most likely longer than the list that don't. If you drink alcohol all the time and take a liver stressing drug you can be doing lots of damage to your liver. Some signs of liver damage are swelling and redness in the palms of the hands, yellowish skin and whites of eyes, itching, small benign fatty tumors and reddish spots on the skin or lumps under the skin of damaged blood vessels. ( mostly...
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