How Innovative or Original Can a Successful Artist Be?

Topics: Art, Michael Jackson, Vincent van Gogh Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Name: Isaac Tan Yu Heng
Date: 1/12/2011very good work 10/10
Subject: Art - How innovative or original can a successful artist be?
Art is considered to vary across culture and also through time. Art considered as a masterpiece by this group of people might not even be appreciated by another group of people. Art changes through time and the value of a certain artistic piece might increase or decrease through time. Art is what defines a culture, thus it is regarded by many as the main (not sure we could say this, I think you wanted to say something else)aspect in a culture’s construction. Art function as an emotional gratification for an individual. It also contributes to social integration and it serves as a social control tool. It also preserves or challenges the status quo. Artist will usually have their image or idea embedded into paintings, dances, songs or even poems. These artists are trying to make a symbolic statement through their artwork and sometimes their arts document and convey a vast array of their own experience of life. Very good point However, art changes through time and the symbolic statement made by artists back in their days might not be understood by the modern generation and these arts will start to lose value. Music is the perfect example. The music trend changes through time. Bee Gees used to be a very popular musical group and everyone in the 60’s and 70’s knew them. As time passes, the group faces stiff competition from new and younger artists. It cannot be denied that Bee Gees is one of the most successful groups of all time, but no one can stay popular forever as art changes through time. To the older generation of 60’s and 70’s, the playing of Bee Gees music on radio recalls good old memories but the younger generation would seem to think that Bee Gees can no longer be the voice of their generation and prefer other genre of music. Being innovative or original at a certain era would bring an artist success, but these successes do...
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