How Important Was the Crown in Maintaining the Political Stability of Tudor England?

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Tudor dynasty, Gentry Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: May 15, 2013
How important was the crown in maintaining the Political stability of Tudor England?

Tudor England was time of rebellion and turmoil. The head of Tudor England ,the monarch,was responsible for keeping his or her country running well. The crown was the sublime leader he or she ran the government and parliament and therefore he or she were responsible for maintaining political stability during this period.

Tudor society was the epicentre of Tudor politics. The power of your words within the political world depended on your rank in the society. Higher ranks had their say whilst low ranking people of the society did what the higher ranked noblemen and earls said. The highest ranks were governed by the Monarch. Henry VII ordered himself to be named highness or majesty to prove is power over his people. Originally the king was led by the emperor and pope,but during Henry VIII's reign,where he surpassed the act of supremacy,he became an imperial leader. The Tudor population genuinely followed the rule of the 'great chain of being',this chain linked everything to god and stated that each person had their own rightful place in society. Even though this idea of a social chain was widely accepted it is clear that some peoples place in society and the monarchs attempt to reach imperial authority didn’t please everyone as rebellions in the Tudor period were ever frequent. To keep control the monarchs at the time had to re-enforce their own power and 'natural order' with sermons and tracts alike. During religious changes ,mainly during the 1530's where Henry enforced the act of supremacy and act of six articles,monarchs created oaths of allegiance to keep nobles loyal to the crown bided and supportive of the crowns decision,this was widely used between Henry VIII's reign and Elizabeth I's reign.

The crown may of created oaths of allegiance but also had to supply nobles with 'rewards' to keep the supportive of his cause. The Monarch had the largest political...
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