How Has Poetry Allowed Us to Have an Insight on Life

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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How has poetry allows us insight into the meaning of life?

Life is far more complex than what we know; it is full of struggles and surprises. It is through poetry, which allows us to share our understanding of the world around us. The poem “Frozen Charlotte” illustrates the idea of the importance of trust and self-identity, “The Nurse’s song (innocence and experience)” emphasises the reliability of life, and how its complexities corrupt our innocence. These ideas are vividly explored through effective poetic devices in both poems.

Natalie Merchant has demonstrated the idea that trust is an important component in sustaining any form of relationship. In the repetition “Will you wait for me here” the persona is seeking reassurance if the trust within the relationship with the other character is still there. The unknown responds with “how long” which is soon followed by another series of questions. As there is no clear response/ answer, the uncertainty in the relationship is revealed showing that the relationship is unstable and both the persona and character are unsure of the trust for each other. The simile “still as the river grows in December, silent and in perfect blinding ice” represents the stage of the relationship where there is uncertainty and weakness. This emphasises the importance of trust within a relationship and demonstrates the idea that if there is a lack of trust there will be an unstable connection. However the symbolism “ spring keeps her promises, no cold can hold her back” contrasts with the previous idea emphasising that hope and a new beginning to be discovered. The contrast between ‘spring’ and ‘December’ then enforces the idea that inner beauty is important and that there is always something good underneath the darkness.

In the nurse’s song (innocence) William Blake emphasises the effect that trust has on our relationships. The trust between the nurse and the children is shown in “When voices of children are heard on the green…/my...
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