How Has Modern Society Affected People's Happiness

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How Has Modern Society Affected People’s Happiness
Taqi Mohammed Rahat Noor (212182215)
Research Paper (UNI 123)

How Has Modern Society Affected People’s Happiness

Over the past century, most societies all around the world have undergone a drastic rate of transformation. Science and technology have reached unprecedented heights, democracy has spread across the globe like a wildfire, economies have flourished and our capability to comprehend ourselves and the rest of the universe has never been so expansive. Traditional societies and their norms have been abandoned in favor of the “modern society” and it’s way of life. With all these monumental strides of achievements, one would have expected it to inspire a significantly positive impact on people’s level of happiness. However, recent research and studies do not seem to agree with this notion. People today are not happier than those who lived, say, in the 1950s. Thus, proving that the modern society is not as perfect as many of us would like to think, and has its own negative aspects.

There are several factors which affect happiness and most of them seem to be closely linked to affluency (Layard, 2005; Lane, 2000; James, 2007; as cited in Hanlon and Carlisle, 2012). It is undoubtedly one of the most significant factors. Also, when we are discussing the effects of the “modern” society on happiness in particular, it is noteworthy to mention that when compared to societies of the past, one of the greatest difference between them and the modern society is the level of affluency. For instance, we can see that the most succesful states today in terms of government, society and education are the first world countries; these are nations which have experienced a significant rise in their level of affluency in the recent past. Therefore, it would be quite sensible to extensively discuss, in particular, the effect of increase in wealth on happiness as we investigate modern society’s influences on emotional...
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