How Geography Affects the Countries International Business Operation

Topics: South Korea, Korea, East Asia Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Geography is an important factor of International Business operations of a country. South Koreas place in the map makes it part of the East Asian monsoonal region. The country has a temperate climate with four seasons. Winter is usually long, cold and dry. January is the coldest month in South Korea. The temperature ranges from -5o C to -25o C in January. Summer is hot, humid and short. Autumn and spring are short in duration. If the weather is too cold, too hot, too windy and natural disasters affects production and trade. The unpredictable climate can be an advantage or disadvantage to international business operations. South Koreas terrain is mostly consist of mountains. Some of the mountains are not arable. Which means some of their agriculture products comes from other countries. According to USDA, South Korea is a major food importing country to satisfy demands. Consumers are inquiring variety of food, lower prices and convenient. South Korea is the fifth largest export country for U.S farm products. The country is the tenth largest importers in the world. Due to its geography South Korea can’t expand their agricultural capacity. On the other hand, South Korea is rich in anthracite, tungsten, graphite and other metals. These natural resources are used for shipbuilding, automotive and electronics. The country is the seventh largest exporter in the world. South Korea is the world’s largest ship building nation. The country is famous for having the two of the top 5 brands in the electronic industry, Samsung placing second and LG placing fifth. Due to its geography South Korea is well known in the world. South Korea is one of the South East Asian countries. Its surrounding countries are Japan, China and North Korea. Those countries are well known internationally in the business and political world. China and Japan are both in the top manufacturing countries. Japan is well known for its electronics, robotics and automotive industry. Meanwhile China is...
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