How General Environment Affects Organizations

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  • Published: November 10, 2008
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In this essay, I will make an abstract of the definition about “General environment”. With examples behind to support my points in defining “General environment”. Moreover, I will list out the challenges provided by several types of general environment factors that make difficulties to managers. I will choose an organization (Cathay Pacific) to be an example to describe the elements that may exist in its general environment. Of course, related references will be provided to backup the points.

Assignment aims and objectives:
This assignment aims to define “General environment”. Also to point out the challenges that “General environment” provides for managers. And then, choose an organization as I selected Cathay Pacific, to describe the elements that may exist in Cathay’s general environment. Through the above findings, better knowledge about general environment in management point of view will be learned. Such as what is general environment; what is the relationship between general environment and an organization; what challenges that general environment provides for managers; what kinds of general environment that an organization is facing; how those general environments affect an organization; helpfully helps to find out how to tackle the challenges provided by general environment.

Main body: Define the general environment
The general environment consists of all conditions in the external environment that form a background context for managerial decision making. In other words, general environment is the outer layer that is widely dispersed and affected organizations indirectly (Schermerhorn, 2008), (Jones, 2008), (Bateman, 2002), (Richard, 2008), (Bateman, 2007), (Robbins, 2007), (Williams, 2008). Typical external environmental issues include Economic conditions, Social- cultural conditions, Political and legal conditions, Technological conditions and Demographic conditions (Jones, 2008).

Economic conditions stand for health of the...
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