How Ethical Are You

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Readings: How ethical are you?
Four types of bias
* Implicit prejudice(bias that favours majority) bias that emerges from unconscious beliefs, because people tend to associate things that commonly go together and expect them to inevitably coexist (thunder and rain). Implicit prejudice arises from the ordinary and unconscious tendency to make associations, but this is not conscious forms of prejudice, such as overt racism/ this is problem is inherent * In-group favoritismbias that favours your group

when those in the majority or those in power allocate scare resources (such as jobs, promotions and mortgages) to people just like them, they effectively discriminate against those who are different from them. Such “in-group favouritism” amounts to giving extra credit for group membership. White v.s. black * Over-claiming credit bias that favours you

we are above average in terms of intelligence to driving ability. We tend to overrate our individual contribution to groups, which tends to lead to an overblown sense of entitlement. We become the unabashed, repeated beneficiaries of this unconscious bias, and the more we think only of our own contributions, the less fairly we judge others with whom we work. Bad:

* Claiming too much credit can destabilize alliances. When each party in a strategic partnership claims too much credit for its own contribution, don’t appreciate other people’s work, have higher expectation on compensation, hard to be satisfied. * At group level, diminished willingness to collaborate. * It can also take a toll on employee commitment. Reduced commitment and performance if they are not compensated well. * Conflict of Interestbias that favours those who can benefit you

How to avoid biasby bringing the conscious mind to bear
Vigilance—continual awareness of the forces that can cause decision making to veer from its intended course and continual adjustments to counteract them Three adjustments:
1. Collect...
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