How Does the Water Temperature of the Frog's Environment Affect Its Physiological Factors?

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  • Published : December 11, 2007
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How Does the Water Temperature of the Frog's Environment Affect Its Physiological Factors? Defining the Problem and Selecting Variables
In the investigation of "how does the water temperature of the frog's environment affect its physiological factors", the dependent variable is the frog's physiological factors, the independent variable is the water temperature of the frog's environment, and the relevant controlled variable is the frog's body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. The controlled variable is a neutral pH level of 7 for the water that the frog is placed in, so that it does not obscure the effects of the water temperature on the frog's physiological factors. Controlling Variables

In this investigation, we will place the frog in a cool or normal water temperature, then in warm water, and lastly in ice cold water. For each water temperature, we will measure the frog's heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. We will use the provided Vernier probe equipment, the surface temperature sensor, and the blood pressure sensor to collect the required data for this investigation. To measure the frog's heart rate and breathing rate, we will manually watch and monitor its intake and outtake of air, count its breaths per minute, and monitor the expansion and relaxation of the frog's stomach while breathing. Describing a Method for Collection of Data

1.Get 3 boxes. Fill the first box with normal water from the tap, the second box with warm water, and the third with ice cold water. 2.Place the frog in the first box with normal water. Let it stay in water for 5 minutes before measuring any data. 3.Measure the temperature of the water with the surface temperature sensor. 4.Measure the frog's body temperature using the surface temperature sensor. 5.Measure the frog's blood pressure using the blood pressure sensor. 6.Watch, count, and monitor the frog's breathing to calculate the number of breaths per...
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