How Does the Constitution Guard Form Tyranny?

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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How does the Constitution guard from tyranny?
Imagine being in world where you are forced to wear certain things. Forced to practice the only religion allowed. Imagine not being able to know what you want, when you wanted! The Constitution was made on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was made to provide the framework for the U.S. government. It creates things like presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. From May to September of 1787, men known as framers were thinking of how to make this Constitution. How does the Constitution guard from tyranny? Well first off, a tyranny is when a ruler goes a little crazy with the power given to him/her to rule over the country. The Constitution guards it with the Bill of Rights. Without the Constitution, the U.S. would be under tyrannical law. I say this because without the first amendment (which is, in fact, in the Constitution), we wouldn’t have freedom of religion that means that you would have to practice whatever religion the government wanted you to. Without freedom of speech, we would be forced to say what the government wanted us to against our own will, etc. Without the Bill of Rights (which is in the Constitution too), the government could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted which gives them too much power, which is a tyranny. So again, how does the Constitution guard against tyranny? By giving us human rights that we are allowed to do as a U.S. citizen. In the Constitution, it says that we must have 3 branches of government. Separation of powers. The federal government is separated into 3 branches, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. Each branch has its own powers. No one can run the government by itself. This protects against tyranny by not allowing 1 person to rule over everything or to have too much power. There are checks and balances that prevent this from happening. Checks and balances prevent tyranny from happening. Each of the branches has its own power and each...
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