How Does Steinbeck Portray Loneliness in the Novel?

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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How does Steinbeck Portray loneliness in the Novel?
Steinbeck uses loneliness in the novel on many occasions. He uses it to shows how different people were lonely in different ways and also reveals to us about the Great Depression in American and how different ethnic races and people were affected. I my essay I am going to describe to you about have different characters in the book ‘Of Mice and Men’ were lonely and how the used dreams to get over their certain troubles.

The first character I am going to write about is George. George is a strong character with a kind heart. He is the type of friend who will always have your back. He is not a very lonely character in the Novel but however he will be very lonely when he has no Lennie by his company. Nevertheless, he and Lennie share a dream in the Novel that someday they would have their own little patch of land where they can live on with freedom. This would help them get out of the endless pit of depression and into the fresh open air of American prosperity and peace because life as a bindle-stiff was harsh in 1930’s America.

Secondly Lennie. Lennie’s character was strong, childish and his prime difficulty was that he didn’t know how to control his strength. His is renowned for killing and damaging many things by accident. Lennie is the only character in the book that dreads loneliness and gets heated when Crooks said George would never come back for him. This shows that Lennie is especially over-protective when it comes to the thought of his best friend abandoning. Lennie’s dream to escape poverty is the same as George’s only that his main desire is to tame rabbits at the new ranch they are going to get.

Now Curley’s wife. She is a beautiful woman in the eyes of the other men on the Ranch. Curley’s wife is the only woman on the ranch so she is on the low end of the hierarchy of the organisation, which makes her lonely. So she is very open and wants to speak to other people besides just her husband...
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