How Does Shelley Direct Us to Sympathise with Either Victor or the Creature in Chapter?

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How does direct us to sympathise with either Victor or the creature in chapter?

Frankenstein is novel written by Mary in 1818 in a Gothic, horror genre; the novel is about a man called Victor Frankenstein who becomes obsessed with making life. Some people believe that was giving a social message about parenting and the failure of adults to protect their ‘child ‘. This is true in Frankenstein’s case because if he had fulfilled his duties of caring for the monster it wouldn’t have behaved in the manner that he did and seek his revenge on his creator.

Before chapter five opens Victor has spent two years – ‘Winter, spring and summer past away’ - collecting body parts and building the body ‘like a hurricane’. This tells us that he was making the monster uncontrollably and he had no sleep and no food which also shows us that he worked really fast. This tells us that he put a lot of effort and determination into making his monster perfect and explains why Victor got frustrated and eventually ran away from the monster. He was obsessed with making new life and worked in ‘secret’ and ‘silence’. He didn’t contact his family during this time.

When chapter five opens Victor is full of anticipation and optimistic about what is going to happen. However the chapter opens pessimistically with a typical Gothic setting “dreary night”. This is also an example of pathetic fallacy because he’s depressed because he saw that the monster didn’t come out as he expected it to after all of his “toils” and “agony”. This makes me feel sympathy for Victor because he worked hard and saw that he failed his work.

At the beginning of the 19th century there was a massive interest in electricity so Shelley made many references to this in the novel such as, ‘ infuse a spark’. Shelley also a lot of physical words to describe his emotions such as ‘my candle was nearly burnt out’. This describes how Victor was tired and exhausted due to working the long hours. I feel sympathy for Victor here...
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