How Does Shakespeare Present the Character Romeo in Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio, Characters in Romeo and Juliet Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: October 31, 2010
How Does Shakespeare Present The Character Romeo In Romeo And Juliet At Act 3 Scene 1?

In act 3 scene 1 Shakespeare takes us through a critical adventure where the main character Romeo is presented in admixed of empathy transforming from a young juvenile who doesn’t sympathize true love into a man who would die for love. The scene commences with benvolio and mercutio at the town square. Benvolio states the day is hot; the capels are abroad let’s retire. As tension assembles due to the igneous weather, Benvolio functions a brawl. Functioning as the scene is set in a public place there are ought to be none quarrelling this has been forbidden by the prince of Verona. At this moment Benvolio is agitated and the audience are waiting for an action thrilled clash, as for mercutio he is not taking Benvolio fear actively. Romeo is not active in this point of the scene due to his sympathizing true love Romeo stays at home and writes poetry as said in the quote Away from light steals my son/and private in his chamber pens himself This shows that he is noticeable sad not just a little bit. Benvolio responses and citations Come, Come, thou ant as hot a jack in thy mood this arrays that Benvolio is being hot headed. Expanding on this Mercutio goes on and recites as any Italy, and as soon moved and as soon moody to be moved this expos Benvolio is always expecting the worse and always is looking for a quarrel. At this situation due to hot days this makes people irritable and the concept of bad mood. As scene is already pumped it goes from atrocious to beyond atrocious by Tybalt intruding the scene. Tybalt knows the `case is already tense, therefore he cites follow me close, for I will speak to them this demonstrates that Tybalt needs backup. All of this is extremely important and affects Romeo and his character development in his scene. Romeo is doomed as he will arrive into a scene that about to erupt like a volcano. Shakespeare determined this so to...
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