How Does Miller Create Mood and Atmosphere I This Extract? (Scene Where Eddie Kisses Catherine and Rodolfo)

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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How does Miller create Mood and Atmosphere in this extract?
(Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo)

At the beginning of this extract there is a sense of dramatic irony as the audience knows that this will be a drama filled extract because they know that Rodolfo and Catherine have gone into the bedroom and may have assumed that they have slept together. They also know that Eddie is drunk, ‘He is unsteady, drunk.’ The tension in the atmosphere is caused by the fact that Eddie is drunk and therefore may not react to the situation in the same way he might if he was sober. The tension excels when Catherine walks out of the bedroom and ‘under his gaze adjusts her dress.’ We assume by this gesture that she is feeling guilty we also assume from eddies drunken state that he as well would have assumed that they had slept together. The sardonic way Eddie says ‘Rodolfo makin’ you a dress?’ clearly shows how Eddie’s dislike for Rodolfo has not changed also ‘Eddie sees him and his arm jerks slightly in shock’ shows that Eddie has just assumed that Rodolfo and Catherine have slept together creating a slightly worried and uncertain atmosphere about how Eddie will react to this. There is a sudden shock when Eddie kisses Catherine. However there is also sadness as the audience feels the longing Eddie has been feeling from the beginning of the play. The atmosphere for some may be sickening as they feel that it is wrong fro Eddie to feel the way he does about Catherine much less to actually do anything about it such as kiss her. Whereas others may feel understanding towards Eddie as he has been holding his feeling in for quite some time maybe even before the time the play began. The degree of shock rises even more for the audience and even the characters of Catherine and Rodolfo as Eddie kissed Rodolfo. ‘Eddie pins his arms laughing’ the laughter from Eddie may be from his drunken state and that he thinks what he is about to do is funny and a joke or he may be laughing...
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