How Does Language Reflect Me

Topics: Dialect, German language, Danish language Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: September 3, 2012
English Essay:
The way you speak to a person depends on the language form you choose to speak in. At the same time, it also depends whom you are speaking to. There are a variety of ways of saying a particular sentence to a person. Let us take the sentence ”Hello, how are you,” if you are greeting a very important person, you would say it in a very sophisticated and well-mannered way, such as ” Good afternoon Mr. Ahmed, how are you feeling today?” Whereas if you are meeting your bestfriend, the language you speak turns more into slang, such as ”Hey bro, what’s up?” Therefore the way language reflects me is that when I have to have a conversation with a person, I carefuly choose the style I am going to speak in depending on who the person is and in which environment I am in while speaking to the person. Therefore, I also have various ways and different languages to say a particular sentence in. The way I speak to my parents is very casual. It is not too sophisticated nor is it too slang. Since my parents are from Pakistan, I also speak Urdu(Pakistani) fluently. That sums up three languages which are spoken at my house. There are many terms in Urdu which I use at home, due to them sounding better in Urdu then Danish or English. When I have to call for my Mother, I tend to use “Ami” or “Mama,” which means mother in Urdu, because it feels more personal and closer when I use this term then using “Mom” to call out for her. The same usage of terms works with my Father, I do not call him “ Dad” rather I call him “Abu” or “Baba.” Also, at home when my mother wants me to understand something important, she uses the language Danish or English to explain it to me, as Danish and English is of more ease to me. But when she is angry at me, she starts speaking in Urdu. One big issue with knowing three languages is that you tend to mix 2 or all 3 languages into one sentence because some words sound better in one language than the other, such as “ Godmorgen, aap...
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