How Does Ibm Transform Individual Learning Into Organizational Learning?

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Skill Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: March 20, 2011
IBM transforms organizational learning into organizational learning by realizing that in order to promote organizational learning; you have to first achieve individual learning and collectible knowledge. I will show how they accomplish that. IBM knows that individuals need constant training in their jobs and they ensure that each individual are given every opportunity to excel through training. Training is extremely effective and important for learning “how to do your job”, and everyone should definitely “know how to do their jobs. In order to for IBM or any organization to “stay on top”, individual and collective knowledge needs to evolve constantly whether through innovation, creation of individuals or groups within or throughout the organization. IBM does an outstanding job of maintaining individual and collective knowledge of their workers by ensuring that their employees are properly trained. They accomplish that by spending about $750 million dollars annually for learning initiatives. IBM believes that learning enhances productivity, enables development of employee potential and empowers employees and teams to innovate which in turn transforms into organizational learning. It is basically “Train the Trainer”. One worker attends a class, comes back into the office and trains the rest of the team; they share their knowledge and help each other out; team concept. Individual learning is a continuous process which transforms to business values, which directly enables IBM’s business to win and grow in the competitive market place. Knowledge is power. More knowledge means that individuals and their organizations remain on top. Individual learning, achieved by formal training either online, through online learning activities, in a traditional classroom or from each other through train the trainer concept which I explained in an earlier paragraph. All of these initiatives are introduced and offered to all IBM employees. 47 percent of the learning...
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