How Do I Use Os Mastermap Data in My Gis?

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How do I use OS MasterMap data in my GIS?
There are several software packages available that make the process of loading the OS MasterMap GML data into a GIS quite simple. These are in addition to the 'built-in' converters that are supplied with the most recent versions of MapInfo, ArcGIS and AutoCAD software. For frequently asked questions and known issues please see the MasterMap FAQs and the MasterMap known issues in the MasterMap Download section of the Help pages ( Important: Please check what software is already available to you locally before downloading and installing other software. You may find that appropriate conversion software is already supplied by your institution. Please ask your local Digimap site representative for details.

For ArcGIS
1. Esri Productivity Suite contains the OS MasterMap Data Converter and will convert OS MasterMap (Topography and ITN layers) to Geodatabase format. It comes complete with a number of Layer Files for setting symbology (see the local installation folder of Productivity Suite for details). 2. InterpOSe for Digimap from Dotted Eyes - this will convert OS MasterMap to Shape files for loading into ArcGIS/ArcView and comes with a Style file to represent the data using OS style. 3. ArcMap can also open GML data directly using the "Add Data" interface but it will not have the standard symbology. You can also use the Data Interoperability Tools Quick Import tool in ArcToolbox to import the MasterMap data as Simple Features GML.

For AutoCad
1. InterpOSe for Digimap from Dotted Eyes - will convert OS MasterMap to DXF and DWG and has a template file (.DWT) for representing the data using OS style. 2. AutoCad Map 3D 2008 (and other later versions) has a built-in converter available under File --> Import --> Import Map --> Files of type: OS (GB) MasterMap. More details are available in the Using data with AutoCAD section of the help pages or on the Autodesk...
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