How Do You Appreciate the Music, Performance and Cinematography of Sound of Music?

Topics: Actor, Theatre, The Sound of Music Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: October 3, 2011
The happiest sound in the world; a precise description given to a 1965 American musical film entitled The Sound of Music. It is in fact an exceptionally successful and well-known film at the time of its release. Others considered it as the high-point of the Hollywood musical. It is a triumphant film produced by 20th Century Fox that exemplifies award-winning cinematography, well-refined music and wholesome theatrical plays and performance. The story itself, the actors and actresses are indeed remarkable. I can assert that the movie is unquestionably joyous, uplifting and astounding. As a matter of fact, as I watch the movie, I felt various emotions like happiness, amazement and delight.

The movie begins showcasing the beauty of nature. Snow mountains, green forests, vast rivers combined with some environmental sounds like the breeze of the wind and the chirping of the birds. This is to exhibit the real and natural wonders of nature and sceneries proving that the film used actual photography, or the absence of electronic effects, to manifest realistic setting and emotions. This is to certify that I do felt realism as if I am at their situation. The overall elements and composition of cinematography is momentous. Even though it was produced at 1965, the lighting and camera angle is observed with full professionalism. The simplicity of dialogues and script made it easy for me to understand the flow of story. Putting some sense of humor to the conversations and actions really helped me to appreciation the film. The plot of the story is well organized; from the introduction of characters, especially the part where the seven kids were introduced, up to the climax and ending. The choice of characters must also be awarded, especially the leading cast, Julie Andrews who acted the role of Maria.

Andrews really is fitted to be the main character. She uplifts the movie using her lovely singing voice, catchy face and realistic actions and emotions. She begins the movie...
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