“How Do Chemical Elements Effect the Environment”

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Chemistry Assessment Task

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Class: 10 A

Due date : 30 August 2010

Teacher: Ms. Merliani

“How do chemical elements effect the environment”

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Atmospheric pollution

Most of the people live within the major cities where the evidence of pollution in the atmosphere can almost be seen daily.

Your Task

You will need to write an essay (700-1200 words) or prepare a presentation using the following guidelines.

• How are chemist addressing the problem of athmospheric pollution?

• Describe the impact on one or two of the following factors : scoial,economic,pollitical,environmental, cultural and ethical

• You will expected to include appropriate scientific language , chemical formulae,equatations,charts,tables and graph as appropriate

• Check that you have carefully read the descriptor for the highest level of both criteria A and B and that your essay addresses all aspects of these descriptions.

How Does Chemical Elements Effect The Environment

This year, the grade 10 students of ***** are required to create an essay consisting of 700-1250 words. The main idea of this essay is to describe the danger of some chemical elements which can cause severe damage towards the environment.

Over the past century, humans have learned how to use chemicals in their daily lives to benefit them. Some chemicals can be very beneficial for humans and make their lives more convenient. These chemicals are being used for medication, killing pesticides and weeds. Though some chemicals are very useful, there are also some toxic harmful chemicals that will have negative impacts on our health and also the environment. So far, the negative impacts of those chemicals outweigh the benefits they have for our society.

For my essay, I am going to focus on a specific environmental problem which causes certain area due to these dangerous chemicals. The environmental problem that I would like to cover here is about the air pollution in Jakarta, the city where I live now. Jakarta is ranked to be the third most polluted city in the world, taking place after Mexico City, Mexico and Bangkok, Thailand.

As you can see, air pollution is a very serious matter because it affects the environment and also our health. It causes discomfort to the people living and residing in Jakarta.

Air pollution has a very negative impact towards the environment because the pollution destroys the ozone layers. Ozone layers (O3) are layers of atmosphere that protect and shield the Earth from meteors and other space rocks. They also absorb the harmful UV-B and UV-C radiation that comes from the sun and prevents it from reaching the Earth’s surface. If the ozone is destroyed, it will result in global warming. Air pollution contains some CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) and halons which are chemical compounds that belong to the haloalkanes. CFCs are compounds containing only carbon, chlorine and fluorine while halons are compounds containing bromine, carbon and other halogens. Both of them lack of hydrogen. CFC can be found in air conditioners and most spray cans while halons can be found in fire extinguishers. They both contaminates the air and cause air pollution.

Air pollution is very dangerous for the people living in Jakarta because they would have to inhale the polluted and contaminated air. That is why air pollution can cause respiratory problems. The health problems that can be caused by air pollution are lung cancer, asthma, brain damages, etc. In Jakarta, a lot of children suffer from fevers, coughs and colds due to the unsanitary air that they breathe. Around 95% of those children are medicated in the wrong way. They became over drugged because they are given antibiotics which they should not consume. The antibiotics will just reduce their immune systems.

The thing that makes air pollution so dangerous is the fact that they contain...
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