How Did Tsar Nicholas Ii Play a Role in His Own Downfall?

Topics: Russian Empire, Russia, World War I Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: June 18, 2011
What role did Nicholas II play in his downfall?

It can be seen by anybody that Nicholas II indeed played a huge role in his downfall. This downfall portrayed political, social and economical failures. Firstly, Nicholas’ abhorrent autocratic beliefs and his infamous ways of maintaining it contributed to his downfall. Also, the infamous massacre known as “Bloody Sunday” also contributed to his downfall, and finally the decision Nicholas made to fight in the Japanese and First World Wars all led to his own downfall.

Russia believed strongly in Autocracy in the late 19th century, the advocate for autocracy in Russia was Nicholas II. Nicholas II knew himself that he had little to no experience in ruling 132 million people, but Nicholas’ strong belief in his “gift from God” gave him the confidence he needed to accept position as supreme ruler. He was quoted as saying that he will “uphold the principle” of Autocracy as firmly as his late father did, this “obsession” could have also had led to his downfall in the long run.

Apart from having full control over Russia, Nicholas II also had absolute control over The Russian Orthodox Church and the Secret Police, these classes also happened to be one of the most influential in Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church held propaganda meetings and would totally brainwash the nation into believing whatever the Tsar did was acceptable. The Russian Orthodox Church painted a “little father” image of Nicholas II and the people of Russia merely followed. The Okhrana Secret Police Force would also take care of Nicholas’ hit list and would travel cross-empire to assassinate somebody that had opposed the Tsar or his autocracy.

He used these powers so that the people of Russia would not know as much as the Tsar did, so people would not question the Tsar’s ruthless autocracy. This was evident as seventy seven percent of the population of Russia were peasants; it appeared that the Tsar preferred it that way because if there were...
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