How Cruel Is the Story of Eve

Topics: Woman, Adam and Eve, Gender Pages: 3 (567 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Teresa Schopp

English 266

Instructor: Kristina Young

Women Writers

October 11, 2010

How Cruel Is The Story of Eve

There is much that women have had to endure because of that

bible story. The pain of childbirth, the discomfort of monthly periods,

subservience to men. Throughout history women have been wrongly .

made to appear the lesser of the sexes. The Author seems to portray

women mostly as victims. In this poem it seems to me that women

are dependant on men for their survival. No blame for this though

just the nature of things, beyond our control. In stanza 10 to 15 pg.586 It

Says, "In history, what misery put up to barter. The tender feelings buy

Her a husband to rule her, fool her to marry a master". And here she

Feels sympathy for man, wondering if he is fit to rule, was he pushed to

it. So, woman is given blame, man is given rule and in the end. If we

men and women had not loved each other, all would be for naught.

The woman’s perspective in this work seems to be accepting

of her lot in life to be subservient, yet at the same time there is

an undercurrent of not being so content. Of womens growing

cunning having to mask her cunning lest she challenge Adams

masculinity. Her experiences the pain, the misery, the cruelty

In all of history it must have been worse for Eve the first woman

to have to suffer for her sins. How I wonder, did it make her feel?

Maybe pity for the rest of woman kind to come after her to take on

the roll, the mantle of her sins.

Eve to Her Daughters

This Eve seems to be bitter when she says in the first

stanza pg. 726 " It was not I who began it" at being "turned

out into drafty caves, all of them hungry so often, having

to work for our bread". She is speaking this to her

daughters that she was "not unhappy. Where Adam went

I was fairly contented to go. I...
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