How Can a Working Woman Be Devoted to Both Her Career and Her Family Life

Topics: Personal life, Psychology, Future Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: April 16, 2013
4/ It Is advised “we should heal the past, live the present and dream the future” What is the implication of this advice? Is it good to follow it? This advice is very interesting for me. I think it is good for us to follow it because of the following reasons             Firstly, the past is always a very great strength. Past quietly…but its power is always present in every human mind. No one can completely forget the past. The past has no shape, it’s invisible but it can change a man. Each person has their own past. The only common point is every human life is happy and sad past. Nobody is born perfect happiness or has to suffer forever.             Secondly, the present is the real life of every human being. Everyone has a personal life for themselves. In present, the people would suffer or can be happy. People should live their best for the present, warmly welcome the good things but also need to accept the sad.             Thirdly, the future is something hard to imagine with every human being. The future of each one is completely different. Everyone dreams of a beautiful future, but no one knows what it will look like. No one predetermined future. People always want to have a better future. People have a right to dream like that but also need to be pleased with everything that’s going to happen, whether good or bad. And need to think in a positive direction for the future because people may want a better future. In short, the past, present and future as a film can have a last. They all come together very naturally never separated. Thus past, present or future are man-made, human decision, and are the property of each person. People must learn to live far the present, always towards the future and never forget the past
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