How Can a Franchise Such as Bch Realistically Incorporate Philosophies of the Behavioural Approach to Management? According to a Number of Different Studies on Behavioral Approach to Management, Especially That of

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  • Published : August 16, 2012
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How can a franchise such as BCH realistically incorporate philosophies of the behavioural approach to management?

According to a number of different studies on behavioral approach to management, especially that of McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, manager’s expectations on workers through the self-fulfilling prophecies will affect workers’ attitudes and hence their productivity. Essentially, McGregor’s theory of X and Y introduces two types of behaviors of managers. The first type, which McGregor considers inappropriate, thinks that workers they are irresponsible, lack of ambition, dislike their work and will only do the things that they have been told. The second type, however, thinks that workers are always motivated to work, willing to take responsibility and are willing to take extra steps. By analyzing BCH’s current approach to management, we will be able to consider how the study on behavioral approach to management can be realistically incorporated and therefore create greater value to the company.

BCH has been incorporated for more than 80 years now, we also see that its production activities approach more and more to automation. So far, BCH’s business model has been proven very successful but according to some of the market research done recently new generation of customers consider some of their traditional products ‘old’. Because of this, management is now focusing on inventing innovative products that would hopefully be as successful as their ‘old’ products. The theory we learnt above become very important here. If managers in BCH are those described in theory of X, managers will take all the burdens of inventing successful products and remaining as the dominant player in the market. Works only do the things that they have been told from the managers, leads to workers having no personal say over their work. However, creativity comes from inspirations, when ideas are only coming from managers themselves managers are limiting the ideas they can...
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