How Attraction Works When We Build Up Our Social Relationship?

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Social relationship is part of our life and everyone would have their own social circle, but why we are attracted to somebody but not to others? When we are building our relationship with others, “attraction” has played an important role, so that we could choose our friends or our partner. In theory we have the freedom to choose who would be our friends, but in the reality, it is limited by where we live, the people we know and also our socio-economic background. There will have 5 theories that can explain how attraction works in a social relationship and why individuals will attracted to other peoples. And ost of the attractions are Physical Attraction, and it is easy to notice by others. First is Social Homogamy, this theory is based on the idea of “like attract like”, the people who more alike with us , it will be more attractive to us. That’s mean when we build up our social relationship we will find someone who have similar traits with us. For example, when we are choosing our partner, we tent to find someone who are the same age or have a similar education levels. And it is rarely to see a big age different couple or a rich man marry a poor woman. Attractions are a matching phenomenon, its put peoples into different combinations and create a diversity society. Second is Complimentary Needs Theory, this declares that people will choose someone who compliments and satisfies their own personal needs. Furthermore the unique strengths of each person help balance the traits of others. So we easily attracted by someone who are different from us, for example a hard-working might attracted by an out-going person. This theory is mainly occurred when you are looking for a partner, due to two different individuals as a couple, they will feel become a more well-rounded and complete. However when it comes to colleagues or friends, people used to dealing with people who have similar interests and perspectives with ourselves. Third is Ideal Mate theory, most people will...
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