How Abiotic Factors Affect the Biota

Topics: Oxygen, Water, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 5, 2012
BKristen Gershkoff
Mr. Zabel
1 October 2012
How Abiotic Factors Affect the Biota
The variation of abiotic factors in both the beach and the salt pond greatly affect the biota in those areas. At the beach there was a rocky landscape that rounded the water, while at the salt pond, there was more of a wet grassy area allowing different life forms or biota to thrive in each. Also, physical factors such as temperature, salinity, or dissolved oxygen levels allow for different life forms to prosper in the separate intertidal zones. Lastly, the water layout of an open area with waves at the beach verses a skinnier smaller water areas at the salt pond can determine which animals prefer to live in each place. Overall, there are many abiotic factors that greatly affect and determine the life of the biota in both the beach and the salt pond intertidal zones. The rocky landscape that surrounds the water allows different biota to thrive and live at the beach than the wet salty salt pond. For example, at the beach there were many different spiders crawling around the rocks. This may be because the rocky area allows for many hiding spots for the spiders from their predators. Also, Lastly, at the salt marsh, there was a lot of muddy area allowing many ribbed mussels to live there. The ribbed mussel uses the mud to partially bury themselves and they use organic matter and process it into inorganic matter to put it back in the mud and enrich the surrounding mud in the salt pond. In conclusion, the various differences in the landscape of the salt pond and beach caused many different animals to live in each intertidal zone. Multiple physical abiotic data such as temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen allowed for different animals to prosper in both the beach and the salt pond. For example, the temperature of the beach water was 20 oC while the salt pond temperate was 17.3 oC. Since both places have relatively the same temperature, they can tolerate some of the same...
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