Housing Sale Contract

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House sales contract

This contract is made effective as of 8th of February, by and between Mrs. Appleby and Acme Insurance Co.

1. Purpose of Contract.
Acme Insurance Co agrees to buy the Mrs. Appleby’s detached house which is located in 연희동, whose size is 50py. 2. Price of House sales.
3.1 The buyer agrees to buy, and the seller agrees to sell the detached house with the price of \650,000,000 which includes the price of newly moving house located in 아현동, sized 30py and \150,000,000 in cash. 3.2 The buyer shall pay the seller one third of \150,000,000 in cash as a deposit by HSBC on the 8th of February. The next payment, the rest 2 third of \150,000,000 shall be made on the registration day, 1st of March. 2.3 If the seller might not perform the obligation of transferring registration of the detached house or assignment of the detached house, she shall compensate double of initial payment (\50,000,000*2=\100,000,000) in cash by HSBC. 3. Newly moving House.

The house which the seller is supposed to move is worth of \500,000,000, has a garden around it, gets easy access to public transportation and convenient facilities. 4. Moving cost.
ACME Insurance Co will support man power and one-million won for moving. 5. Gardening service
ACME Insurance CO will support gardening service by sending gardener who is working for our subsidiary company. If ACME defaults on an obligation, APPLEBY could demand compensation for their gardening expenses within 300thousand per month 6. Employment

ACME Insurance CO will employ APPLEBY as a part-time receptionist in the new ACME building’s lobby for 2years. Pay is 6 thousand won per hour. Working time is 3 times per week, from 9 to 12 on Mon, Wed and Fri. 7. Silver Duo Dating Service.

Mrs. Appleby is in the service as of 1st of March without paying any admission fee which would cost \5,000,000. 8. Medical Insurance Coverage.
The buyer provides the seller with medical...
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