Housing and Poverty

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Business Ethics for Affordable Housing
It is basically clear from the elaboration that house affordability is pervasively impact on all aspects of our existence .It is the central locus that holds personal and family life. The essence portrays that good housing clearly defines our community and determines our access to jobs, to services, to stores and most important other people in our lives .This gives one the opportunity to draw that, yet housing is even more than just residential environment, it also gives an impression that it is also in relation to those who inhabit and use it that housing has meaning; having adopted cleanliness despite the poverty would be a way through. The fact of the large number of people in our society, and therefore, with this consequences cannot be given less consideration as it will be preferred as the prime cause and cannot be ignored. The number of children per household, and the associated limited incomes has undermined the profitability of the house market and related duties; therefore workers demand for higher wages to pay for housing rendering it as a challenge in the profitability of the business in general and also pushing some class of people to extreme poverty. The take of one loosing a job, and after all starting a new way of undesired life can be aggravated by the issue of housing affordability and social change, affordability has been a part of most job-related issue that the standard of job one has will automatically reflect the way of living. The community approach to housing needs a total consideration; we should be able to recognize that a go up in house price does not contribute to the majority of the community due to aspects like poverty. Many people fall into poor houses and others rendered homeless as we see for example in sacred heart mission that the human face of housing crisis and the impact of it causing displaced families unable to pay for shelter, resulting on people’s mental and physical health, job prospect and to be with the community. In some cases government does not value the necessity of the issue or that it does not understand that housing is out of control and its in hands of private sector or came up with professional mechanisms for poor people to afford better houses. This is not good enough and it should show strong leadership and hold dear some policy responses. Poor people are unable to cater for basic needs. This is where difficult choices should be made especially when it comes to those people who are under limited resources. This is where you found that some of the necessities are not covered. As from the clip, it is evident that being homeless is more contributed by falling job opportunities for large segments of the workforce and the deriding value and availability of public assistance. With no jobs and persisted or failing incomes renders most people homeless. The essence to proper and adequate, good and equitable housing has been rooted as the major concern of every government. This problem is a challenge that is faced by low income earners whose have no access to adequate basic facilities, and warmth to meet their daily physical needs. Adequate housing is one of the considerations to do away with poverty because shelter is usually the hard item for households to afford. It is also important for better health, giving provision to saving in great amount when one is not sick. Poverty is defined as complex issue, defined by lack of, and limited income. This paves a way for community or humanitarian groups to come in and to provide basic necessities and goods this people cannot afford. The link to show affordable houses and poverty is portrayed by fact that housing is one of the means to reduce poverty and is usually the most costly in the households’ expenditure basket.

To solve the problem, there should be group of workers; who will air the concern for minimum wages. As due to implications of falling...
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