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Topics: Food safety, Foodborne illness, Nutrition Pages: 9 (3639 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Pest Control In most case, when pests are found, what is seen is only a small part of the infestation. Before attempting to deal with this situation, hoteliers should be aware that such an infestation will cause product damage and loss, as well as food contamination and possibly illness. Food contamination and food poisoning occurs when disease-producing germs or bacteria are attracted to any place where food is stored or exposed. By the time the food is ready to be served, the pests may have come and gone, but the germs they carried stayed in the food, growing and multiplying. It is evident that in any food service establishment it is necessary to keep the pests away from the food and off the premises where the food is prepared. Proper pest control in an establishment is a daunting task. Not only have the existing pests to be exterminated, but subsequent arrival through carriers from neighboring premises have to be stopped and it is necessary not to allow favorable conditions for infestation to develop. The most important factor affecting the development of pest infestation is the availability of suitable food, harborage and undisturbed conditions. Other factors like temperature and humidity are also involved. Therefore a clean environment is not only desirable, it is vital. There are four ways to deal with pests… you need to know how to prevent pests from entering the premises. You need to know how to starve them by keeping food unavailable to them. You need to know how to deny them places to breed. You must become thoroughly familiar with the techniques of dealing with each type of pests and how to exterminate them safely. Although the battle is a continuous one pest control denotes the power or authority to check or regulate or get rid of pests, at least for a short period. The word ‘pest’ is described as any destructive or troublesome animal which has interest conflicting to that of man. This includes vermin, insects, domestic animals that bring in infection especially in food premises. Since eradication is not possible, that methods are put to use periodically which may restrict the multiplication of pests and thereby prevent their destructive action. Pests cause enormous amount of damage and cost to food business and are often the cause of serious food poisoning. As a member of the staff, one must be very vigilant in spotting tell-tale signs of infestations and report them immediately so that action can be taken.Within your area of work you may come into contact with, or see evidence of a variety of pests. Many different species are attracted to food premises. Areas of infestation in the Hotel:

Likely pests: Rodents: Rats and mice particularly, those you may also other native species locally Flies: Bluebottles, cockroaches, houseflies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. Insects: Beetles, lice, flour mites, silverfish, weevils, etc. Dogs/cats: Domestic and wild varieties, etc.

These tell-tale signs include: Rodents: Black greasy stains on walls, marking the way they move around the area; also evidence of gnawing at food or wood; bad odors and droppings can also be detected. Flies: Dead or alive bodies lying around, brown stains on the floor, larvae in dark corners. Insects: Evidence of food spillages and foot or tail prints in flour. Birds: Droppings; damage to packages, loose feathers. Dogs/cats: Smells, droppings and rubbish strewn around waste areas. Dealing with pests : Pests’ infestation is bad news for all concerned; firstly it’s against the law to operate a food business whilst the food area is heavily infested. Another concern is that pests will most likely cause disease and food poisoning and thus must be prevented from entering and contaminating food or food areas. The business suffers if customers become alarmed by the presence of pests, because of the threat of being bitten or stung and also because food premises infested with pests is discomforting and will discourage customers. Pests can cause much damage to...
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