Hotel Reservation

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Find out system requirements and define project scope or boundary of project is important to anticipate the time of completion. By a clearly defined scope, specified time will be assigning to develop each module in the application. From here can conclude that, virtual tour on hotel room needing more time in completion. By well-organized task and duration, the application will develop on time.

Waterfall paradigm is important to note a large successful of projects development. Without the structure and organization provided a waterfall paradigm method, development projects would be at severe risk of missing deadlines, escalating budgets and a low quality system. As a methodology, the water fall paradigm provides the structure method, controls and checklist needed to ensure successful development figure below show the phases in software process waterfall paradigm.

Preliminary investigation
Requirement analysis

Paradigm: Waterfall Model

Waterfall paradigm prescribes stages and activities performed in each stage are describe as fallows:

a) Preliminary investigation
The major requirement for online hotel reservation system is to provide back office forContent management, reservation management and housekeeping management. The online hotel reservation hotel system also expected to provide a better preview of the hotel rooms. These features are in order to enhance efficiency and performance and also the service to the guest. From here, it will proceed and establishing the scope, preliminary requirements and constraints, project participation and schedule.

b) Requirement analysis
System requirement to be defined clearly and requirementsgathering becomes more intensive. The objective of require analysis is to identify what the users would require from the software elements of the system. In requirements gathering, the fact-finding techniques will help to identify the requirements. The fact-finding techniques are:

* Interviewing users realizing that people is also one of the most important element in the system project. The interview process explains about the project and objectives. * Carry out observation only for online function by browse through hotel official website. From here can find out what is in the website and how the website works. Through observation the website lacks of hotel room preview function. Besides gathering user requirement, the requirements for software and hardware are also identified. Software is chosen carefully so that they are suitable for development of online reservation system. Hardware requirements are fixed accordingly to suit the platform and support software in developing the system

c) Design

Once it is known what is required from the system, the design process determines how best to construct a system that delivers these requirements. In this stage the database,Input user interface and output need to be designed, as these elements are important for developing a system. The following explains the need to take serious consideration in designing these elements.

* Database design: the designed is used in OHS is open source database that is called MYSQL/Database structure. Database architecture is built around a database management system (DBMS) that provides a data definition language to create and maintain the database structure and rules; and a data manipulation language that is the SQL is used to create, read use ,update and delete record in the database. * Output design: the output available in this project is a room virtual tour and notification. Notifies can be in the form of showing booking status.desccription labels, highlights and format are carefully designed to ease user visibility and readability. * User interface design: user interface design is mainly concerned with the dialogue system or logging in the system to the...
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