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Topics: Civil and political rights, Rights, Civil Rights Act of 1964 Pages: 8 (2135 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Name:_____________________Test #2
HMGT 0210: Legal IssuesFall 2012

Multiple Choice (30 points)
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____1.Which of the following is not outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964? a.|Discrimination based on religion|
b.|Discrimination based on sex|
c.|Discrimination based on national origin|
d.|Discrimination based on color|

____2.Which of the following types of establishment was barred from discrimination based on race by the Civil Rights Act of 1964? a.|A bar|c.|A store|
b.|A YMCA|d.|A hospital|

____3.Which of the following best describes interstate commerce? a.|It is business done between people or companies from two or more states.| b.|It is a civil right contained in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.| c.|It is synonymous with the unitary rule.|

d.|The remedy for it is an injunction.|

____4.Which of the following is true about bed-and-breakfast properties? a.|They are exempt from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 regardless of the number of rooms the owners rent to others.| b.|They are not exempt from the Act under any circumstances.| c.|They are exempt from the Act, provided that the owner rents no more than four rooms.| d.|They are exempt from the Act, provided that the owner rents no more than five rooms and lives in the building.|

____5.In determining whether a club qualifies as a private club, which of the following is not a factor? a.|The number of members and the selection process|
b.|The criteria used for selecting members|
c.|Whether the club is operated by members or a business|
d.|The type of facilities offered by the club|

____6.Which of the following prohibits discrimination based on marital status? a.|The Civil Rights Act of 1964|
b.|State civil rights laws|
c.|The Americans with Disabilities Act|
d.|The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution|

____7.A hotel has a policy that requires a person who is registering to display his or her driver’s license. People with certain disabilities are unable to drive and thus do not have a driver’s license. What, if anything, is the hotel required to do if such a person seeks to register? a.|The policy is reasonable; the hotel can refuse to register the person.| b.|The hotel must modify the policy to accept some form of identification from the disabled person.| c.|The hotel need not modify its policy, since a change in the type of identification it requires would fundamentally change the nature of its operations.| d.|The hotel need only modify its policy if it is remodeling its facilities.|

____8.Which of the following is not true concerning the need to alter existing structures to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act? a.|Alterations and new construction are not required.|

b.|If a restaurant is altering its building, the reconstruction design must include plans to make the building accessible to people with disabilities, provided the cost is not disproportionate to the cost of the reconstruction project.| c.|A hotel must remove structural barriers to people with wheelchairs regardless of the cost.| d.|Removal of a barrier that is not readily achievable is not required.|

____9.A bar, seeking an upscale atmosphere, prohibits the admission of anyone wearing jeans or sneakers. Is this illegal discrimination? a.|Yes, because the bar is treating some categories of people differently than others.| b.|Yes, because although style of dress is not protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is protected by state statutes.| c.|No, because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not cover bars.| d.|No, because style of dress is not a class under the civil rights laws.|

____10.Which of the following is not a contract?
a.|A restaurant purchases a month’s supply of condiments from a supplier and pays the agreed price.| b.|A hotel delivers newspapers to its guests’ rooms at no charge.| c.|A snowplower agrees to...
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