Hotel Facilities Design

Topics: HVAC, Question, Answer Pages: 4 (692 words) Published: September 16, 2012
This paper consists of 3 (three) sections. Section A – 10 (ten) TRUE/FALSE question; Section B – 8 (eight) short essay and Section C (i) – 7 (seven) definition questions. You are requested to answer only 5 in short essay format for section B. In Section C (i) you are only answer 5 (five) questions and answers are in point forms. In C (ii), you are provide to answer a long essay format and you need to provide comprehensive illustration in question number 2 (two).

Candidates are required to answer ALL questions. Kindly circle T for TRUE and F for FALSE for each of your given answers. Each correct answer merits 2 marks.

1. Development process involve of 6 step which are the feasibility study, the space allocation program, operational, construction and engineering criteria, the project budget and the preliminary schedule. (T/F)

2. There are several roles of facilities in the hospitality industry; one of the key elements is money making aspects of the business. (T/F)

3. HVAC is a system maintains comfort by modifying and controlling the factors that influence comfort which are moisture, temperature, filtration, supply of inside air for ventilation and air movement. (T/F)

4. Guestroom HVAC system types has been divided into two types which are centralized systems and Decentralized systems. The Decentralized system has been divided into several systems which are two pipe systems, three pipe systems and four pipe systems. (T/F)

5. Solid hardwood floors are one of the staples within the flooring industry. (T/F)

6. Linoleum is made only from wood and it is preferred environmentally because of the material. Linseed oil is the main ingredient. (T/F)

7. The laminate flooring is virtually not resistant to burns, scratches, chipping and is not great for high traffic areas. It is easy to be clean.(T/F)

8. Acoustical wall covering are designed for use on vertical...
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