Hot Topics in Education

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Hot Issues in Education

The Advertiser’s headline on March 11th ‘Put to the test’ details proposed changes in the entry criteria for student teachers. More information has been gained from online sources to give an analysis of other media viewpoints. Starting in 2016, all teacher applicants will be required by the Federal Government to provide evidence of emotional stability, commitment and high skills in literacy and numeracy. Under the proposed changes aspirants will be asked to provide a letter detailing their suitability for a place as well as interviews to check if they have the resilience and emotional intelligence for the role much like the way a Medical Doctor must apply to study. They will also will need evidence of extracurricular activities with an educational focus, such as coaching a sports team. Tertiary Education Minister Chris Bowen is quoted to have said (Adelaide now) Training teachers must be of high standard. He then also goes on to say, ‘passion, commitment, dedication, emotional intelligence... there are ways these things can be assessed.’ Universities Australia, is happy with the proposed changes stating 'it’s a focus on quality of a teacher graduate’.With this new proposal, student teacher applicants will need to show a strong desire to teach. We believe this is a great thing for our country. {It has long been suspected, the best teachers are the teachers who show passion and dedication to their work. } {It is obvious this new proposal will make it more difficult for students to graduate in the profession. This may be what Australia’s education sector needs, as our children (students) deserve the best education they can receive. This scheme will sift out hopefuls whose hearts may not be completely in it. In a long term outlook, educators will be of a higher calibre, and because of this, future generations are more likely to succeed.}

The emphasis of knowledge and results over pure teaching ability could be seen as a potential...
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