Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers Can

Topics: Bedsore, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Skin Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: August 25, 2012
There are some rules and eventualities which neither can be control nor easy to deal with. Alongside with our lives are tensions between two different poles of entities - a cause-effect relationship. That is why Aristotelian ethical doctrine suggests the need for moderation is the greatest good for man. However, even in various interactions we cannot avoid some circumstances in which affect our well-being. Natural illnesses are caused not only because of our carelessness or lack of sense of responsibility over our health, but also some factors which are external and uncontrollable causes us to feel sick and acquired illnesses to some extent. Background of the Study

One of the most popular illness that can be found in hospitals is what we call pressured ulcer, some uses bed sores or scientifically known as decubitus ulcer. This illness is caused by the unrelieved pressure to the skin which cuts off the circulation to the area. This can be developed as an upshot of prolonged period of immobility. Moreover, literatures provide scientific explanation accounting the unrelieved pressure on the skin as critical and can be severe to some extent. It compresses tiny blood vessels which supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients. When skin is famished of nutrients and oxygen for too long, the tissue dies and a pressure ulcer forms. Hence, in the attempt to prevent this, nurses usually reposition patients every two hours when they also assess the skin for evidence of pressure damage. There are alternatives in which a patient suffered from ulcer can use as a device to alleviate the injury like sheep skin padding, air mattresses, silicone pads and specialized flotation mattresses. Purpose

This research proposal aims to provide sufficient accounts and scientific information on the regulation, nursing education, assessment, planning interventions for the prevention of hospital acquired pressure ulcers. Moreover, these accounts will be significant in proving that...
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